Carbon Steel Investment Castings

There are several properties of carbon steel that make it a popular material for producing investment cast products. The material is cost-effective, readily available, strong, possesses good wear resistance, and is easily machined. For these reasons, several grades of carbon and low alloy steel are widely used. Are you looking for a partner who can manufacture carbon steel investment castings precisely to your specifications? Count on the experience and expertise of American Casting Company. Over the years we have produced a wide range of net-shape investment casting parts using low alloy and mild steel materials.

Mechanical Properties of Mild and Low Alloy Steel Investment Casting

The below table depicts the mechanical properties of mild (low carbon) steel.

Mild (Low Carbon) Steel

AlloyHeat TreatmentUTS (kpsi)YS (kpsi)% ElongationHardness
1020Annealed55-6035-4025-35Rb 80 Max
1020 ModifiedAnnealed85-10060-6510-15Rb 100 Max

The below table depicts the mechanical properties of low alloy carbon steel.

Low Alloy Steel

AlloyHeat TreatmentUTS (kpsi)YS (kpsi)% ElongationHardness
8620As Cast65-7545-5520-25Rb 100 Max
8620Hardened100-13080-11010-20Rc 25-40
4130As Cast75-8555-6515-20Rb 100 Max
4130Hardened130-170100-1305-20Rc 23-44
4140As Cast85-9565-7515-20Rb 100 Max
4140Hardened130-200100-1555-20Rc 20-48
4340As Cast85-9565-7515-20Rb 100 Max
4340Hardened130-200100-1805-20Rc 20-48

Our Capabilities at a Glance for Carbon Steel Investment Castings

We are well equipped and experienced to produce carbon steel castings with tight tolerances and outstanding repeatability. Our Carbon steel casting capabilities are as follows:

  • We use modern melting methods to produce carbon steel investment castings with consistent hardness and strength.
  • We also perform secondary operations such as machining of critical surfaces and threaded holes and can provide anti-corrosion properties of the parts using surface treatments like plating or other coatings as required. Carbon steel cast parts are also commonly heat treated to improve their ductility, strength and other mechanical properties.
  • Our team consists of experts who have extensive experience working with a wide range of carbon steels. Our investment casting manufacturing process is certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001.

Applications of Carbon Steel Investment Castings

As mentioned earlier, carbon steel investment castings are largely chosen for various applications in several industries. These include automotive, military, oil and gas, mining, and commercial to name a few. Example carbon steel castings are as follows:

  • Cranks
  • Handles
  • Brackets
  • Firearm components
  • Housings
  • Valves
  • Gears
  • Nozzles
  • Bi-Pods
  • Hinges

American Casting Advantages

Being a leading investment casting manufacturer, we aim for perfection in every component we make. Partnering with us offers you the following benefits:

  • Production of high quality parts per your requirements with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish.
  • Delivery of cost-effective parts with short lead times.
  • Expert technical advice if needed.
  • High level of customer service – Always!

Manufacturing carbon, mild and low alloy steel investment castings is one of our core areas of expertise. We will ensure that the finished products meet all customer specifications as required. Would you like to know more about our carbon steel or any other low alloy steel investment casting services? Make a call right now, you will be directed to our experienced professionals who are ready to help.

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