Investment Casting Capabilities

American Casting Company delivers premier quality investment castings to a wide range of industries in the US. Our state-of-the-art equipment and lean manufacturing approach help us assure high quality, cost effective parts that are delivered on time.

Investment Casting Capabilities of American Casting Company

We can provide you investment casting in the following capabilities and specifications:

  • Part Size (specific to American Casting Company): When manufacturing, we maintain the following part size parameters:
    • Maximum size: 12-16″ Cube (part dependent)
    • Maximum weight: 25-30 lbs. (part defendant)
    • Air and vacuum melt capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Number of Gates: Gates refer to the contacts on a part that connect to the runner system. A gate is where a part cavity in a mold is fed by runners of liquid metal. We can create a part using multiple gates however, using fewer gates helps reduce the finishing costs and time required to complete finished products.
  • Wall Thickness: These castings can be produced in a wide range of wall thicknesses depending on the type of alloy used. The following table shows the minimum wall thicknesses with respect to the alloy group.
    Alloy Group
    Min. Wall Thickness
    Stainless Steel – PH & 400 Series
    Low Carbon & Low Alloy Steel
    Cobalt & Nickel-base Alloys
    Stainless Steel – 300 Series
  • Blind Holes: Blind holes can be cast in features in many cases. The maximum depth of a blind hole is as shown in the table below:
    Hole Diameter
    Max. Depth
    0.0625″- 0.125″
    0.5 x hole diameter
    0.125″- 0.500″
    1 x hole diameter
    > 0.500″
    2 x hole diameter
  • Through-Holes: Similar to blind holes, through-holes of different diameters and depths can also be provided with the castings. The following table shows the hole diameter and the respective maximum length of through-holes:
    Hole Diameter
    Max. Depth
    0.0625″- 0.125″
    2 x hole diameter
    0.126″- 0.250″
    3 x hole diameter
    0.251″- 0.500″
    4 x hole diameter
    > 0.500″
    6 x hole diameter″
  • Linear Tolerances: American Casting Company is known for providing the best tolerances for our investment castings. For sizes less than 1″, the standard tolerance is +/- .005″, whereas premium tolerance is +/- .003″. To calculate the tolerances for sizes greater than 1″, add .003″-.005” per inch.
  • Rapid Prototype Manufacturing: We have the capability to manufacture prototypes from CAD files. We have the capability to delivery prototypes quickly when required (depending on post processing requirements).
    • Apart from the investment casting capabilities mentioned above, here are a few more:

      • Alloys Poured
        • Mild Steels & Low Alloy Steels (1020, 8620, 4130)
        • Stainless Steel – 300 Series (303, 304, 310, 316, 347)
        • Stainless Steel – 400 Series (410, 416)
        • Stainless Steel – Precipitation Hardening (17-4, 15-5)
        • Implantable CoCrMo (ASTM F75)
        • Aerospace Cobalt Based Alloys (Co21, Co25, Co31)
        • Nickel Based Alloys (Inconel 625 & 718)
        • Copper Based Alloys (Silicon Bronze, Yellow Brass)
      • Casting Features
        • Anti-Galling
        • Heat Resistant
        • Abrasion Resistant
        • Corrosion Resistant
        • Chemical Resistant
      • Additional Services Provided
        • NDT Testing
        • Machining
        • Passivation
        • Electropolish
        • Nickel Plating
        • Surface Grinding
      • Production Volume
        • Medium and High Volume
        • Prototype for new designs
      • Markets Served
        • Agriculture
        • Aerospace
        • Defense
        • Medical and Medical Implants
        • Mining
        • Oil and Gas
        • Turbine Engine
        • Marine
      • Industry Standards
        • AS9100
        • RoHS
        • Mil-Spec Compliant
        • ISO
        • NADCAP

      Applications of Investment Castings We Provide

      These castings that we manufacture are suitable for use in the following applications:
      • Architectural
      • Engines
      • Machinery
      • Turbines
      • Electrical Connectors
      • Construction
      • Hydraulics
      • Valves
      • Impellers
      • Pumps
      • Tubes

      Value Added Services We Offer

      We provide the following value-added services:
      1. Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
      2. Solidification Analysis
      3. Gating and Runner Design
      4. Investment Cast Tooling Design and Manufacturing
      5. Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
      6. Passivation Services
      7. Heat Treating (NADCAP Heat Treating)
      8. Surface Treatment

      Do you wish to know more about our investment casting capabilities? Please refer to our Brochure, or get in touch with our professionals today.

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