Investment Casting Tooling Design and Manufacturing

The demand for accurately cast components using the investment casting process is on the rise. This process provides a cost-effective solution for complex parts which are made from strong, durable and tough materials. Each investment cast part starts out as a consumable wax replica which is either 3D printed for low volume applications, or is made using wax injection tooling for mid to high volume applications. Wax injection tooling (most commonly used) is created by machining a cavity inside a block of aluminum which melted wax is later injected into under pressure. With advancements in machining technologies and CAD / CAM systems, creating this tooling is becoming faster, easier and more economical than ever. At American Casting, our engineering team has many years of experience ensuring that high quality and accurate tooling is built and validated for each new part. We utilize the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software’s and contract with the top tooling shops in the country.

Investment Casting Tooling Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

At American Casting Company, we are highly experienced with evaluating what tools are needed to get the job done. In addition to injection tooling, sometimes other tools and aids are required at different phases of the process to ensure the finished meets dimensional and form requirements. Highlights of our capabilities for this include:
Our tooling designers are experienced in working with the latest CAD and CAM systems.

  • We prefer to exchange 3D solid model files using .STEP, .IGES or .X_T formats.
  • We have the ability to evaluate the best tooling approach and construction methods to save cost and guarantee high quality.
  • Design and advise tool makers on the use of mechanical cores, loose inserts, soluble wax cores, ceramic cores and other “tricks” to produce difficult geometries.
  • Design and build specialty injection tools for gates and runners to ensure consistency and repeatability of mold production.
  • Design, evaluate and build additional tools needed such as wax setters, straightening fixtures, check gauges and more.
    • Market Served

      Due to our tooling capabilities, we have been creating parts that require complex internal geometries with minimal machining, finishing, and surface treatments for applications in the following industries.

      • Aerospace
      • Defense
      • Medical
      • Electronics
      • Automotive
      • Oil and Gas
      • Agriculture
      • Commercial

      Certificates and Compliances

      Being an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified organization, we consider quality seriously. The parts are produced in compliance with the following:

      • NADCAP for special processes
      • ITAR (International Traffic In Arms Regulations)
      • EAR (Export Administration Regulations)

      For additional information related to investment cast tool design and construction, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
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