Markets Served

Medical Investment Casting


Patient specific knee implants manufactured daily from CAD files to finished castings in 8 days. In addition to custom knee implants of CoCrMo alloy (ASTM F-75), we manufacture prosthetics, surgical tools, and a variety of components for medical equipment out of various alloys.

Aerospace Investment Casting


We use high performance materials such as cobalt-based and nickel-based super alloys to manufacture critical components for a variety of applications such as turbine nozzles, afterburner consumables, and high temp valves for aircraft fluid management systems.

Defense Investment Casting


Critical applications including key components for ammunition feeding systems on aircraft, structural framework for missiles, rocket nozzle ejection systems for fighter jets, land combat vehicles, portable communication towers, and small arms.

Electronics Investment Casting


High volume and tight visual grade hardware used for network router chassis. These products are cast near net with all holes, counter sinks, counter bores, and slots using our unique tooling design.  We ship these components complete meeting stringent electro-polish, machining, ultrasonic cleaning, and special packaging requirements.

Industrial Investment Casting


Components for a variety of applications including food processing systems, heavy machinery, safety shutoff valves for oil drilling, race car turbo chargers, boat hoists and even custom tattoos guns.  Commercial component manufacturing receives the same AS9100 / ISO9001 certified quality standards as we apply to our most critical aerospace and medical device products.

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