Prototype Investment Castings

Making a quick turn investment casting is the best option to explore a preliminary design for functional and product specific testing. It is almost always a better option to start with a prototype casting before building tooling and going into high volume production. This is typically done using a 3D printed pattern from a CAD model. Making a prototype is one of the building blocks of proving a design concept leading toward production. Doing so helps to iron out any unforeseen issues that may come up and allows process engineering to begin. American Casting Company takes pride in its ability to make castings from rapid prototype patterns with the fastest lead times in the industry. We can do so while maintaining quality and part integrity.

Quick turn Investment Castings Capabilities of American Casting

The following capabilities help us stay true to our fastest lead time commitment:

  • We have in-house prototyping experts and CP Wax printers capable of converting your CAD data into a 3D printed prototype pattern quickly.
  • After the castings are complete, we can facilitate any secondary operations necessary such as heat treating, non-destructive testing or machining.
  • The parts can be produced with tight dimensional tolerances and complex undercut geometries. We have ample working knowledge in rapid prototype patterns types such as QuickCast and 3D CP wax patterns made on our state-of –the-art in house ProJet printers.

Applications of Rapid Prototype Castings

Our range of quick turn investment castings are used in many industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Energy
  • Firearm
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Food Machinery
  • Agricultural
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining

A few examples of our rapid prototype investment castings include medical implants, medical devices, aerospace valves, clamps, levers, housings, etc.

American Casting Advantages

Our rapid prototype castings services will bring you several advantages such as:

  • Geometry iteration flexibility
  • Fast lead times and speed to market
  • Complex geometry with surface finishes 120 to 150 RMS and close tolerances ±.005 inch per inch.
  • Reduced overall expenses due to minimal secondary operations required.
  • High integrity castings with exceptional dimensional accuracy.

At American Casting Company, we can meet all your unique rapid prototype casting needs. We can constantly and consistently supply prototypes, and strive our best to achieve your production requirement. Do you have specific requirements for prototype investment castings? We can serve you better. Please request a quote to know more.

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