Value Added Services

To ensure we meet the expectations and needs of our customers, we at American Casting Company offer several value-added services, offering our customers a one stop shop for your investment casting needs.

Value Added Services We Offer at American Casting Company

  • Design for Manufacturability: We offer investment casting Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services that help guide the design of investment cast products in a direction that ensures ease of manufacturing and producibility. Our experienced foundry engineers think out-of-the-box and can offer design advice so low cost and high quality can be achieved the first time.
  • Gating and Runner Design: With years of experience in investment casting process and mold design, our team knows the critical role that gating and runner design plays in the overall product quality. At American Casting, we strive to make defect-free parts by adhering to the basic rules of the gate and runner design.
  • Solidification Analysis: We utilize the latest solidification and flow analysis tools when designing the gating and runner systems for our process. This service allows us to validate the flow and solidification characteristics prior to running product increasing the likelihood we will make good parts the first time. This reduces costly scrap and saves valuable time.
  • Investment Cast Tooling Design and Manufacturing: Investment cast tooling is a core strength at American Casting Company. We specialize in designing and offering various types of tooling required to produce parts with tight tolerances and finishes. Some examples include wax injection dies, soluble and ceramic core dies, straightening fixtures, check gauges and wax setters.
  • Heat Treating (NADCAP Heat Treating): When it comes to post processing investment castings, heat treatment plays a major role. If required by our customers, we use the best-in-class heat treat suppliers who are NADCAP certified to execute heat treating. This ensures cycles with the highest quality and consistency are obtained. When NADCAP is not required, we offer heat treat services at a more economical price from commercial heat-treating shops.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): At American Casting, we inspect investment cast components in various ways to ensure the highest levels of quality, best performance, and consistency are achieved. We offer the following Non-Destructive Testing methods: X-Ray, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, Visual Inspection, Leak & Pressure Testing. We contract with NADCAP approve suppliers for this process when required and can comply with all major industry specifications.
  • Passivation Services: Passivation is a surface treatment method that limits surface oxidation on stainless steel cast components. By cleaning and treating the metal components in an acid-based solution, we enhance the corrosion resistant properties of the parts. At American Casting Company, we offer passivation services for stainless steel castings.

Our unique lean manufacturing systems are certified to both ISO 9001 and AS9100 allowing us to serve the demanding medical, aerospace, military, food processing, automotive industries, among several others. If you need more information on our value-added services, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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